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Marketing Services

Optimize Your eCommerce Operation

Your customers expect to receive their merchandise in a timely manner when they place online orders with you. Avoid issues with your logistics by working with Corporate Fulfillment Systems, Inc. We offer complete assistance ranging from eCommerce integration to order processing to make sure you remain successful.

eCommerce Integration

Are you looking for a way to streamline order fulfillment? We offer eCommerce Integration that seamlessly processes your online store's orders with our order management system.

Sealed Boxes

Order Processing

Your order is our number one priority. We will process your fax, email, or integrated eCommerce order for you.

Custom Kitting

There is a way to save time and money on separate items that need to be shipped to the same location. If you have multiple items that will need to be put together to form a custom kit, we will assemble your product and ship it for you.

Swag Fulfillment

We understand the importance of your swag items and using them to market your company. At your request, we will pick, kit, assemble, and ship your swag products in an efficient and timely manner.

Inventory Management

Keep track of the type and amount of inventory you have in stock with our help. Our inventory management system assures real-time tracking of products and inventory levels of the products you have available in our warehouse.


Solve your storage needs by turning to us for assistance. Our company offers several storage options to fill your need for bin, rack, and bulk storage.

Efficiency from a Central Location

We are centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area, close to the port of Oakland, and a 6-hour truck drive from the Port of Long Beach. Additionally, our location near the San Francisco International Airport allows us to operate as a centralized hub on our clients' behalf. Our close proximity to these major logistical ports/hubs ideally positions us to handle our clients' products that are imported from China.